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3 Easy Ways to Transform Blogs into SEO Machine

When my daughter turned two, the only people that showed up to eat birthday cake at the party were immediate family members – mom, dad and her big brother, Adam. Why? Because we didn’t send out invitations or put any effort into getting guests to show up.

While this may be perfectly fine for a family event or a toddler that doesn’t know the difference, who wants to put time and effort into a business blog if readers aren’t showing up? Over 80% of blogs stagnate with no traffic and few readers but, like my daughter’s birthday party, the problem often lies with how people are invited to participate.

Simply having one doesn’t make it generate results. To transform the same into a SEO Machine, you need to be associated with a SEO company or agency. Also, you can learn the tactics and techniques of SEO and promote your blog by yourself to generate traffic and ultimately income.

What are the most effective ways to get blog posts read?

  • Sharing on social media
  • Using an email list to distribute new posts
  • Purchasing Google or Facebook advertising to drive awareness
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using ALL of these options is ideal, but if you can only choose one, then SEO gets my vote every time.

If you have a few hours to invest, here are 3 ways to transform your WordPress blog (or website) into a search-friendly traffic generator. All of them are free, other than the time you’ll invest.

  1. Install an SEO Plugin
  2. The best solution for SEO in WordPress is ‘WordPress Yoast Plugin’ that makes it as simple as traffic signal’s red, yellow and green light. But, make sure that just installing this plugin isn’t just helpful in itself. Yet numerous bloggers stop at this initial step. Its true ability lies in the way to use it correctly and making selection of the keywords correctly.

    There are also several other plugins available that best solves the purpose. You can try those even.

  3. Keyword Research
  4. You shall need to invest a little time and energy doing keyword research through different tools and application available for Keyword Generation and Analysis. Also, you can opt for Google’s Keyword Planner in order to generate and analyse the keywords most suitable for your blog. Drive to the keywords which are searched by the user more frequently and tediously.

    This exploration will enable you to create more traffic to your site. You will learn by this exploration that which keywords produces more traffic, and which does not. It will help also you in a great deal to change your blog into SEO Machine in an extremely lesser time.

  5. Select the most important keyword – Include in Title & Permalink:
  6. Make sure that the settings of your WordPress are set to include your post title to the URL of the post / blog published. This will automatically include your keyword in the post URL – also, permalink. This is the most important component for SEO success of your blog.

    Make sure to give readers multiple options to subscribe to your blog, to make sure that your readers get information about your next blog post through email, RSS feeds and/ or social media channels.

SEO magic happens when you use the tri factor of permalink, page title and description to focus on the most important keywords related to your blogs.  

There are several means to convert your blog post into SEO machine, but the aforesaid are the initial step to go for and get ranking in the fastest manner with no other investments but time.

You could learn more of the Search Engine Optimization Techniques with us, Stay tuned for our next blog or register with us.

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