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A New Update from Google Ads – Target Impression Share Bid

We all know about Google Ads formerly known as AdWords – an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users. It has always been a great platform provided by Google to advertise your business efficiently. This is the fastest means to get visibility of your online business and get engagement on your website.

In order to infuse the best results of money spent on advertisements, Google Ads has released a new Smart Bidding Strategy termed as “Target Impression Share”. This bidding strategy is designed by Google developers to automatically manage and set your bids. Also, this bidding strategy provides you with the option to bid for a position in Google search results, what percentage you would like to achieve, and your Maximum bid as per the advertiser’s preference and the related domain and keywords.

In simple terms this bidding strategy allows the advertiser to select the location of the ad to be displayed on the search results for a particular keyword. There are three options for the Target Impression Share strategy, depending on where you want your ads to show:

  • anywhere on the first page of Google search results,
  • at the top portion of the page of Google search results, or
  • at the absolute top position at the top of the page.


Bid limits The Max CPC bid limit is a cap on bids set by this bid strategy. It is important not to set this limit too low. Otherwise, it can restrict the bids set by the strategy and prevent you from reaching your Impression Share goal.

Although already prevailing bidding strategies like Target Returns on Ad-spend or target calls per acquisition provides for best results for most of the industries campaigns. But for very competitive industries like real-estate, Target Impression Share Bid could be worth especially for certain keywords with high competition.

Learn – how to set-up the Target Impression Share bid strategy and some different reasons you may want to use it.

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