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Local SEO Techniques – “Grow Local Search Rankings of Your Business”

We have discussed in the previous blog about local SEO and the benefits of the local SEO in the growth of the business. Local SEO can help you attract new customers for yourbusiness. Local search has the highest conversion levels among all theadvertising channels since almost 95% of the customers prefer internet to findlocal businesses.

In this blog we will provide you with some tips and techniques to improve your local SEO. Local SEO is a lot different from the normal SEO campaign, and the local search results are changing more rapidly.

To rank your business locally for easy access and citation by the clients/customers, you should keep in view following points:

Google My Business Listings:

You will need to claim your Google My Business page with the exact registered location of the business and shall also include the registered Name and Contact details so that prospected clients can easily find about your business.
After setting up the account, you need to include the following:

  • Add a unique description that’s formatted correctly and includes links.
  • Choose the correct categories for your business.
  • Upload the photos as of your business, original.
  • Add a local phone number to your listing.
  • Add your business address that’s consistent with that on your website and local directories.
  • Upload a high-resolution profile image and cover photo.
  • Add your opening times/days (if relevant).
  • Get real reviews from customers.


The places where your business information can be made available online, namely, an online directory or business listing website.

These are also important since, if your business is not found in the places where people mostly search for any desired requirement, it can be overtaken by your competitors that do.

For example: given below is the structured citation for a Just Dial Listing:

citation for just dial

There are 2 types of citation: namely structured and Unstructured citations.

Structured citations typically appear in business listings and come from form fields being filled in when the listing is claimed, similar to that of Just Dial shown above.

Unstructured citations are more likely to be the result of press and social media, wherein your website’s as well as business information is visible, but not in a structured format.

Website Localization:

It means including your city, county or region name naturally throughout your site. Business spread over several locations shall create separate pages or Content Hubs for individual locations.

Managing reviews and ratings:

The quantity of reviews received, the overall quality of those reviews along-with the authority of the review sites are all important factors for local search rankings.

Getting quality, relevant backlinks:

Naturally obtained backlinks from the trusted websites help search engines recognize your website as a trusted source of information. Hence, can help improve your search visibility.

Above all the above, the most important factor is making your website mobile friendly. Since, more and more customers find for the local businesses while they’re on the go, use of mobiles and tablets are used most frequently. Local SEO covers both PC and mobile internet access, meaning you never miss out on a potential customer.

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