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Social Media Trends in 2019 – Brands should Adapt

Social Media Trends for 2019 by DigibyPro

Paying attention to the Latest Social Media trends will help you set better Goals.

Since the social media platforms is ever evolving and the business leaders/ owners shall need to be updated with these trends and changes. Since, the strategies that works now shall not work forever, so being updated is very essential.

Digi by Pro hence come up with the answers after analysing the various business owners’ reviews, interviews of dozens of industry analysts as well as reports and data from surveys conducted by Edelman, GlobalWebIndex, Forrester, Econsultancy, We Are Social, Hootsuite and others.

Here’s the roadmap to stay ahead of the curve, keep your marketing fresh, and whip out most of your content distribution efforts, and thrive in 2019:

  1. Trust Building
  2. Social Listening
  3. Considering Ad Saturation
  4. Boost in messaging
  5. Social-Commercial Technology
  • Trust Building

Lately social media channels like facebook, twitter have suffered trust turbulence due to data breaches. This made many users uncomfortable in sharing their data over these channels.

The impact of social media trust crisis can be advocated through the following users’ behaviours:

Need to rethink for the influence:

Due to increased scepticism, brands need to shift their mindset from seeking reach to partnering with the people, publications and the communities with real authority.

The Evolution of Engagement

Smart brands are focusing less on reach and more on creating transparent quality engagement. 

Tightened Circles of TrustPeople are becoming consciousof whom they are interacting with on social media, and also, prefercommunicating with smaller more valuable audience group.

  • Social Listening

Social listening, also refers to social monitoring, means making the web and social media platforms crawl for all mentions of a brand (or any other keywords). This includes mention of brand name or keywords on social channels without tagging the same, which could generate leads that is interests to buy a product, mentions on blogs, forums, and news sites.

Social Listening aims at customer service and reputation management, even if there are many more ways for these but social channels are found to be most effective due to the involvement of personified reference from the already trusted links.

In 2019, social media shall be used for lead generation and social selling in larger nos. as compared to 2018 reports. This is because the marketers have discovered that they can find exact leads for the products offered by them through these mediums.

  • Considering Ad Saturation

As we are already seeing brands building out their social teams (both in-house and through agency) with skilled cross-platform in all the fields from content creators versed in video, motion graphics, designing, and many more.

In order to support this several enhanced third-party ads targeting tool are also getting heights especially the tools that enables easy A/B testing (in some cases with hundreds of variants).

In this area it is very important to follow these steps for success of the blogs so created:

  1. Define your goals and metrics strategically.
  2. Understand and target the right audience.
  3. Invest in high-quality content – both through content creation and curation.
  4. Use the learnings from previous campaigns for performance improvement.
  5. Embracing new formats to the fullest
  6. Conducting Split-test for success.
  • Messaging Boost

As per the recent survey results the top messaging apps—WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, QQ, and Skype—combinefor nearly 5 billion monthly active users. Also, studies suggests that more time is spent on messaging than sharing news on social.

The following points could guide with reference to up your messaging game:

  1. Enable Facebook Messenger for your Facebook Business Page.
  2. Adopt methods to drive customers to your messaging apps.
  3. Use DMsand/or messaging apps to streamline customer service queries on the social mediaplatforms.
  4. Set upbots and/or in-app assistants for frequently asked questions.
  5. Runcampaigns incorporating messaging apps.
  6. Experimentwith Facebook Messenger ads.
  • Social Commercial Technology

Social Commerce adoption in Asian countries has been swift, with 70% of China’s population making direct shopping from preferring communicating social channels. But the same has been changing with the innovative technologies that attract the young buyers.

Instagram’s shoppable posts now allow users to go from discovery to checkout without ever leaving the app, Asian countries also, the platform has even added a Shopping tab to its Explore page.

And beyond this, new formats of YouTube, from in-stream buying plugins for Instagram to livestream shopping on WeChat haveemerged for integrating social video deeper into the buyer’s journey.

So, the recommendation for 2019 to use the social platforms as commercial boosts of your business could count for:

  1. Set up shoppable Instagram posts.
  2. Share the products to be offered.
  3. Run PromotionalContests for your products

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