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Tips for effective video marketing

Tips for Effective Video Marketing

Video Marketing

In this era of Digital Marketing, Video Marketing is an absolute must.

According to Research, 5 Billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

More shares are generated by social videos than text and pictures.

Marketers who use video receive 40% more traffic.

If you are wondering whether video marketing is worth all the efforts, then go ahead and throw all the doubts out of your head because­­ it’s definitely worth it. The only question is how to do effective video marketing??

Video marketers get 66% more traffic on the website and 54% increase in brand awareness.

Video Marketing is the simplest among all. You just need to create videos and post with the intention of moving toward your business goals. The videos can be of various types depending upon the category of your business.

  • Product demos
  • Tutorials
  • Vlogs
  • Expert interviews
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Behind the scenes
  • Explainer animations
  • Live webinars

Video Marketing is the most cost-effective than earlier days. You just need to create a video with a Smartphone and you are ready for video marketing. You always need to have a solid strategy.

Create the Story, Don’t be a Sales person with your video

Upload video

This is golden rule of any success story whether it is a text, audio or visual. You need to add value to the content that you are showing to your audience. If you are promoting a product you can’t just talk about the product in the whole video. It should have something that can catch people eyes.

Video Marketing is the best way of showing or promoting your product. As with this medium you can add your emotion and have high traffic. Video Marketing is an  opportunity to leverage the power of storytelling.

You can show the real-life experience and how your product helped people.

You can use your product as the actor in your story.

Research shows that nearly 80% of people prefer brands that tell stories.

Make the first 5-10 seconds most effective

Give people reason to watch your video and the first 5-10 seconds is the time when you either have them on your side or lose them. About one-fifth of your audience will click away just within 5-10 seconds.

Your strategy must have something to do with these 5-10 seconds.

It’s not important if you are showing your product in the initial seconds or not. Just make a start with something very very eye catchy and effective.

Audience love video and that’s why 87% of online marketers use video content to promote their products.

Optimize Your Video for Search

After getting done video content. You need to promote it everywhere.


Search Engine Marketing (Both paid and Organic) comes in the most important part of the strategy that you design for your video marketing.

For Text – Blogging and Content Marketing are the way of achieving a high rank on Google. You can do a lot more with your video also. When we know, YouTube is the second largest Search Engine after Google.

So, if you are ranking high on YouTube, it will be easier to you to rank high on Google also.

How to do that? Here are the tips

  1. Choose highly relevant titles and include keywords in them.
  2.  Create an eye-catching description with including keywords.
  3. Add relevant information and put tags
  4. Add keyword rich content

As Google crawlers can’t see your video but they can read it with your text.

End Having a Call to Action

Chances are viewers who viewed the entire video and interested in your offerings and you are getting a lead.

Always add addressing in the end of the video. You can put free sessions, offers, discounts at the end.

Always end video with a call-to-action button so audience would know what the next step is. You can add a “subscribe” button.

Now you know what to do with your videos for video marketing!!

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